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El Paso, Texas




A man who does not know how to be silent does not know how to read. OK, where were we? Mother bought two bottles of orange juice.

I hope to see you sometime. Hugh is beginning to look pretty old. It's a sop to Cerberus. Gail is working away. There may be hope for you yet. By what age do you want to get married? I'm impatient for spring to arrive. Are you a freshman, too? Why would that bother him? Why doesn't Space like Boston?

The room is sunny. You don't look so hot.

I'm feeling kind of strange. His promotion was long overdue. From the castle we could see the whole curve of the river around its base. You all remember Beth, don't you? We cannot praise him too much. I'm in prison for a crime I didn't commit.

Cathryn recognized the writing on the wall. She asked me to bring them. It was a brief journey. Why don't you like to speak in your language in public? I have some inside information about the company's plans to go public. What would you like to drink?

Martha loves you. Well you're always putting on a show, and you're always on guard. I wonder why Rhonda gave me this. She calculates faster than any other student. Have you been smoking? I need a more detailed map.

Ramesh is a sweet girl. Brazil is surrounded by ten countries and the Atlantic Ocean. I had a dream, which was not all a dream. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

I'm your waiter. I don't want you to ever do that again. Nikolai waited for half an hour. This is what it's all about.

I'm really careful. I took two cold tablets before I laid down. He has a great smile. I thought you might want to see this. Only Matti can answer that. You didn't listen. I have been selected to participate in this program. When's your bed time? Beth had a concussion.

The call has come through. Children delight in comic books.

Did you believe him? Kyle and Paula got married just three months after they first met each other. I couldn't help Lenny. I was all the more worried for her silence. After running up the hill, I was completely out of breath. I'll go ask them. He ate it in no time. I'm sure Ernst won't be willing to pay that much.

He was involved in a skirmish with a violent gang. Perhaps I was too harsh on him. Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

This isn't a place for kids. Hang on just a second, Roderick. Ritalynne didn't say a single word. For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off.

Since when are there fireworks?

We don't listen to each other enough. It's high time for bed. Robert enjoyed talking with his girlfriend. Not everyone is properly rewarded for his efforts. She gave several examples of how we could change things. Go ahead!

No, not too much.

Please let me make it up to you in some way. I can't do anything to help Taurus. I don't tolerate incompetence. Alvin doesn't have to worry anymore. Guido has already decided when he wants to leave. Norman's family was torn apart.